G.P.(General Physician) from Tehran Medical University, Professor of Physical Education of Islamic Azad University, Certificate in Conditioning Coach from Semmelweise University, Budapest, under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee(I.O.C), Certificate in sports management under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee(I.O.C), Certificate in Soccer Conditioning from AFC(Asian Football Confederation), Certificate in Bodybuilding, Strength training and Fitness of Tudor Bumpa Institute, Champion in Taekwondo and has a black belt Dan 6, National Fitness & conditioning coach of Taekwondo, Boxing, Judo and Fencing in Four Olympic Games, Four Asian Olympic Games, 2 Universiad Olympic Games, 1 Asian Indoor Games, 1 Islamic Countries Games, 4 World Taekwondo Champion, 3 World Taekwondo Cup, 10 Asian Championship, Trainer of the first Iranian Boxer in Professional Boxing(APB) and more than 40 international tournament and working with those teams in achieving more than 150 insignia, Fitness & Conditioning Coach of Soccer pro-League’s teams (Saipa and Saba Battery, Steel Azin and Shahin Bushehr), Deputy President of the National Olympic Academy for 6 years, Ex-Director of Physical Fitness Assessment & Improvement Center of National Olympic Academy(NOA), President of Exercise Physiology Laboratory of NOA, Designer and lecturer of General Conditioning Course in National Olympic Academy, EX chairman of the Taekwondo Association of Health Ministry, Consultant in establishing Clubs: Tehran GYM, Palladium Fitness, Fit GYM, Unique GYM, Mega Mall and Olympism GYM, Honorary Professor of Shi Cha hai (Beijing University of Physical Education), Coach of China’s National team in the 2008 Olympic Games and achieving a Gold and a Bronze medals, and Cooperation in more than 40 Doctoral and Master’s degree dissertations in Sport Science, Author and Translator of 6 books (speed and endurance training, Annual Training Design Principles, Principles of Training Prescription, 1000 Exercises with Medicine Ball, 200 electrocardiography, Sports Medical & General Conditioning lecture series in Soccer), the Inventor of iGYM, iGYM PRO HomeGym ,and Assessment Reaction time up to the Exhaustion machines, Head of Fitness committee of International Institute of Wrestling Federation , Founder & President of Iranian Fitness & conditioning Association & Full member of the European College of Sports & Exercise Physicians

شعار سایت از سلامتی تا قهرمانی است. در این سایت پس از تکمیل فرم های مربوطه برنامه اختصاصی تمرین و رژیم غذایی توسط دکتر بهرامی طراحی و پس از 48 ساعت ارسال می شود. در این سایت علاوه بر دریافت خدمات ویژه می توانید در قسمت با ما همراه شوید اطلاعات و توانمندی های خود را به نمایش بگذارید.
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